Timely Tips for your Air Conditioning

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Summer is coming.  Have you had your air conditioning system serviced yet? If not, it’s time to schedule. “Better late than never,” is a terrific approach to live by when it concerns servicing your a/c unit.

Air conditioning in the home definitely becomes a necessity instead of a luxury once the temperature begins reaching 90 degrees regularly. This isn’t the time you want to learn that your A/C system is not working properly.

Tips for the Homeowner

There are some checks you can perform and others best left to an expert.

If your a/c was functioning as expected at the end of last summer then you may have a minor problem preventing it from working correctly this year.  Cleaning or changing your filter may be the answer.  Examining your filter should be a regular duty.  Once a month clean it or see if it requires replacement.

Check your breaker box.  Did you switch the breaker “off” at the end of last season?  Simply turn it on!

If your unit is making noises, you will need to inspect the fan.  Dirt and debris from the environment can cause damage.  Leaves, weeds, and branches can block and cause damage to the fan.  If there is deterioration to the fan or its blades, repair or replace it before causing additional damage and costly repairs.  Therefore, frequently clean the area around your A/C unit.

Systems older than 10 years

For an air conditioning unit older than 10 years, check the type of refrigerant it requires.  Older units use R-22 Refrigerant.  The federal government is eliminating the use of this entirely.  Consequently, if this is the case for you, please consult a professional.  For example, a Widget 72 Degrees System Renewal is conducted by numerous A/C firms.

This is a multi-point assessment of the a/c system. It consists of a system cleaning, modification, lubrication, AND ALSO including R-22 if required. This is crucial to do before R-22 is discontinued all-together.

These suggestions must all be taken into consideration when you’re thinking about a/c service. Despite the fact that it’s currently the start of the summer season, it’s never too late to care for them either on your own or an a/c service professional.

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